So DOES This Social Media Thing Really Work To Launch A New Business?

It started with a simple Facebook group and then I saw it!! An interesting post that read like this, “I want to say this to anyone who doesn’t believe in or use Pinterest… What????? It helped to build a business.”  You GOT IT.  It piqued my interest because I believe in the power of SOCIAL MEDIA, if done right, to propel a business into existence and success.  This of course encouraged discussions of how dedicating more “quality time” on Pinterest has helped many get noticed, re-pinned, followed and commented on their shares.   One prior post read; “I want to apologize for my absence in recent week. My partners and I are launching a new business and it seems we have become a Facebook hit. I will always be here and checking in. If you need me, please PM me! can’t wait for website launch!”

All the “interaction” was getting these business owners excited and giving them a taste of the true power of social media and engagement!  I so wanted to share in their excitement and really pick their brain and have you get, first hand, from a business that DID IT, what it takes to make it in this ever evolving social business sphere we live in today.   So I contacted one of the business partners, a woman I consider a friend I’ve made through Facebook and asked her if it would be OK to ask her and her business partners a couple of questions.  She graciously accepted and here is the Q&A that will educate and inspire many of you to GO for YOUR GOALS!

Question #1  Tell Us a little bit about your business, who are your customers? What are you offering them that they can’t find anywhere else?

Lisa: is Inspired re-cycling. Our goal is to inspire others to re-purpose, re-use and recycle items they have on hand to create something useful or decorative, guiding them to a more sustainable lifestyle. Re-Scaping appeals to a wide variety of people from crafters and do-it-yourselfers to the eco-conscious and budget minded. We are offering more than just a website, we are a community, a place where you can go to get inspiration as well as instruction on how to create the many projects we feature on our site. A place where members can share their creations to inspire others and a place where they can learn how to make their community more sustainable.

Brenda: As Lisa said, we appeal to a great variety of people, men and women, young and older, because there is a sustainable factor but also a creative and useful element. Re-Scape really appeals to more people because it’s more than just “making something”. It is inspiring to see what others create and it challenges people to think of more than one way to do it! Some people want direction and some just like to see what can be done and figure out how to do it themselves, thus the membership program we have included. We added a specially created affiliates program as well for people with or without a  website to showcase their product offerings without the heavy expense of advertising. I thing that separates us from other businesses. Here’s a big factor in our fast growing appeal…Interaction! We thank new Facebook fans, we answer/interact with their comments. We are not just a page for people to like.

Dave: We are offering them a fun learning experience and a way to save money while helping the environment. For me, I enjoy teaching people how to create something that they never thought they could out of something they already have laying around the house. I think our customers are everyone and everywhere. I don’t know one person who doesn’t like saving money. For the people who don’t have the time or who don’t want to create the projects we will be offering some of the Re-Scaped project items for sale and we will be sharing merchandise from other Re-Scapers too.

Questions #2  Tell Us a little bit about the path you took as far as online advertising/marketing to build your new business? Which tools did you find most effective and least effective for your niche audience?

Lisa: Re-Scape took on a life of its own. It started as a conversation between three long time friends that we kept revisiting. The concept led us to social media as the perfect platform to test out the waters, to share our inspirations and to see if others where as interested in re-purposing and re-using beyond the normal sorting newspapers and bottles for the recycling bin. What we found was there is a huge market and following for what we have to offer. We grew to over 1500 fans on Facebook in less than two months. We have similar interest on our Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ pages as well. Social media is the only online advertising/marketing we are utilizing at  this time.

Brenda: Re-Scape was created out of a simple idea, more like a personal need due to economic developments in the past few years but it “re-scaped” itself into a fully developed business program as Lisa, Dave and I started collaborating. Our combined experience gave us an opportunity to really create a purposeful and attainable business plan and business agreement. I credit the partnership as being the biggest success factor in getting to where we are so far. We are just beginning but we are seeing it grow as we envisioned, seed to flower….we can’t wait for the blossoms!

Dave: I will let Lisa and Brenda answer this one. They handle the marketing/advertising for the Re-Scape team. I help by sharing our Facebook posts and by word of mouth. I talk to all of my current customers about Re-Scape.

Question #3  Do you find marketing to be more of a “collaborative” effort between you and your target audience/customers?

Lisa: Yes definitely! We do our best to listen to our customers and we tailor our site and our social media marketing to the needs/interest of our target audience.

Brenda: Absolutely! We took a good look at the things that work around us. Real interaction, timely responses, helpful answers and going the extra mile. We love our fans and want them to love us too! Lisa and I take turns watching over our social media to make sure people’s likes are recognized and their comments or questions get a response.

Dave: Yes. We all have to work together. The Re-Scape team works together along with our fans. They tell us what they like and we listen.

Question #4  In your experience do you believe that passionate consumers help their favorite brands to evolve?

Lisa: Yes, when you see the people you are trying to inspire become passionate and excited about what we are doing we can not help but become excited too, it is infectious. The enthusiasm we are seeing feeds our creativity. It drives us to come up with ideas to offer more. Our original concept will remain the same but we must evolve to grow.

Brenda: Again, I agree with Lisa. Passion inspires loyalty. We are passionate too so I think they feed off each other. It’s beautiful to post an inspiration and have hundreds of people like, share and add their own dimension to it. So many awesome ideas and innovations created! With the help and support of our fans and followers we will develop Re-Scape into a most wonderful place to learn and grow a more sustainable, eco-friendly and Inspiring World!

We have great ideas for the future too! Even more interaction both on the web and brick and mortar, throughout our communities everywhere. Stay tuned for Re-Scape’s Inspiring Future. Seeing our fans get excited about what we are sharing with them makes me excited to share more.

Dave: I love seeing them put on their tool pouches and trying our projects. Seeing their excitement fuels mine.

What a pleasure it is to be able to ask open questions and get honest, real answers to questions we all have asked at one time or another!! I hope this Q&A Session helps many of you see the importance of Social Media, Interaction and true passion for what you do and your customers.  Go visit them here: and follow them on Pinterest rescapedotcom and see some of the beautiful things they create.  Let’s not forget about Twitter follow them here:  ReScapeDotCom.  I personally am all about Recycle, RePurpose and ReUse so I’m following them as well!

I wish this new business all the success and I know they are on the right path utilizing Social Media in a brilliant way!

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  1. LisaBurns1
    LisaBurns1 says:

    Thank you RM, for sharing in our excitement in our new adventure! Your articles are always thought provoking and informative! We (the Re-Scape Team) are all pleased and a bit surprised at how well the concept has been accepted, shared and embraced! We truly owe our success to social media. We appreciate our fans so much so that we created a page on the website just for them called FanScapes!

    • RmSorg
      RmSorg says:

      LisaBurns1 My pleasure Lisa!! I am such a fan of what you are doing and so happy for the success you have found!!  
      Always happy to help and share your concept with others! I believe in Recycling, Repurposing and Re-Using for sure!! I’m a testament of what you are doing!  

    • RmSorg
      RmSorg says:

      SallyOakesBallas They are really great and boy do they understand the need to interact & nurture a growing community online!  They really give some great resources & tips for the ones who are looking to jump into this internet, social media craze! 
      Thank you for stopping by and contributing to our community at WSB :)


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