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Small Biz Owners: Which Social Media Tool Works For You?

Gathering some tools for small biz owners I Googled “social media small business stats” and the TOP article was a article titled  “Stats don’t lie: social media continues to vex small biz owners”  In this article Jason Keith basically states that many things have become clear based on data pouring in and the first one is:

“That no platform has truly set itself apart from another, despite which survey you look at and what type of small business you ask.”

“The second is that the adoption of social media platforms continue to grow, but at a disparate pace (i.e. sometimes fast, sometimes slow).

“Third, it’s very obvious that small businesses are (still) very much in the “feeling out” stage when it comes to what works and what doesn’t related to social media.”

This image below is the result of the surveyed small biz owners based on which SM tool showed the greatest potential for their firms, company to grow.


More than 800 small biz where surveyed, with focus on high level results, cited that LinkedIn gave them dramatic results.  Even as the same effort went into other platforms, LinkedIn results where dramatically different.

So based on that I compiled some sources where you could get more info on how to navigate LinkedIn and make it work you.

4 Minutes To Optimize A LinkedIn Profile For SEO

LinkedIn’s Little Secret:  It’s a Great Lead-Gen Tool

How to Use LinkedIn for Business (eBOOK)

LinkedIn’s Timeless Guide To Small Business Success (Straight from LinkedIn Learning Center)

We are a community that want to GROW and help you GROW, if you have found success with other SM platforms, please SHARE IT with US BELOW.  Which platforms have brought you success?  Which platforms are you exploring at this moment?  Which platforms do you believe are a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME?

Share your stories, your successes, your failures with us and LET’S ALL GROW TOGETHER.

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