investor relations, public relations, brand building

Investor Relations, Public Relations and Brand Building and Your Acres of Diamonds

investor relations, public relations, brand building

Recognizing the diamonds in your company will pay huge dividends.

When it comes to investor relations efforts, brand building or public relations considerations, small companies (public and private) often look outside of themselves immediately. Too many companies view brand building, marketing and investor relations as best left up to the experts. While this is partially true, I believe each company has it within themselves to build their brand, market their company and grow their shareholder base…

It reminds me of a speech which was given in many places and over 5,000 times by Russell Conwell. Mr. Conwell who died in 1925, was American Baptist minister, orator, philanthropist, lawyer, and writer. He is best remembered as the founder and first president of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and for his inspirational lecture Acres of Diamonds. Now, I did not actually listen to any of his live speeches but his work is distributed liberally online.

To paraphrase the story, Acres of Diamonds, there was a farmer in Africa that heard about all of the diamonds being found on the African continent. One day he woke up and decided to sell his farm so that he could go and look for diamonds. He took the first offer on his farm and off he went. A few months later, in a fit of despair, he threw himself into a river and drowned.

Meantime, the new owner of the drowned farmer’s farm was hiking across his property and crossed a small stream. As he did, a sudden flash of light blue and pink light caught his eye. He picked up the stone, examined it and then noted that there were many such stones with the curious reflected light pattern. He took the biggest one back home and put it on his fireplace mantle as a curiosity.

A few days later, a visitor saw the stone on the fireplace mantle. He picked it up and examined in for a few seconds and nearly fainted. He told the farmer that the “stone” was one of the largest diamonds he had ever seen. The farmer told him that the creeks that crossed his property were full of such stones…

Needless to say, the farmer became very wealthy as his farm became one of the biggest diamond mines in Africa.

So what does this story have to do with your Company?

Diamonds, in their rough state do not resemble the finely cut stones you see in jewelry stores. The ability to recognize a diamond in its rough state is very important.

Your company has diamonds within it – you may not recognize them at first, with a little cutting and polishing they can pay huge dividends.

What are likely your diamonds you may ask?

Your website – is your website being all it can be? How many visitors are you getting? Are you engaging your visitors? Do you have a blog to update visitors, clients, customers, investors and prospective investors?

Your News Releases – Second only to your website… Are your news releases formatted for maximum impact? Can your news releases replicate themselves across the Internet over time?

Are you interested in finding the diamonds in your company? We can help you.

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