Adaptation to New Media for Branding and Engagement

company branding and engagement

Adaptation to new media is a necessity in company branding now.

In all of his brilliance, Brian Solis (@BrianSolis) describes this new era  of social media+customer service+employee brand advocates+insights+engagement= a holistic approach to a shifting business landscape.  You can read more of his brilliant writings here.

Adaptation into this new media is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.  But how do you incorporate brand advocacy within the organization when you have sales, marketing, customer service and public relations in unseen silos?  These silos must be broken down and all  departments must now work in unison to show customers a single vision and brand story.  We are dealing with a very informed consumer with countless data at their finger tips (ex Google).  The information they are searching and gathering must tell a single, clear brand story.

So, this is where your content marketing and inbound marketing comes in.  Content marketing is creating relevant and compelling content to targeted buyers.  Focusing on brand awareness  all the way throughout to brand evangelism.  Inbound marketing,  once your content is created and distributing, is about getting found via that content on search engines and various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Brand awareness is the first goal of content marketing.  By creating relevant and compelling content you are creating brand awareness for your product or service.  It’s original content creates an organic and authentic engagement with your brand.

Content marketing will also help with customer conversions.  Some examples of this content can be case studies, testimonials and FAQ’s.  Ideally this is the content created to illustrate that your brand’s product or service offers solutions and can meet buyers needs.

Be an adaptive CEO by bringing your company into this very social new media.  According to Forrester research only 25% of CEO’s are active online.  Be a change agent for your company, product or services.  Be a risk taker.  The reluctance to take risks leads to mediocre results.  Are you a CEO of a business that loves to take risks?  Without risks a company can never be a market leader.  We can help you take calculated risks to garner attention for your brand.


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