5 Simple Ways To Use Your FAQ Page For Engagement

| September 26, 2011 | 2 Comments

Many Companies/Brands don’t appreciate nor utilize their FAQs page for engagement or to succinctly communicate their brand value to would-be buyers. Utilizing this wealth of information will entice would-be buyers to take a closer look at your product and/or service.

Looking at the Q&A interactions going on concerning your products and/or service, you realize that this page functions as an online customer service center for your company. In addition, if would-be buyers are at your FAQs page, they are already thinking of doing business with your company! So, when executed correctly, this FAQ page can help build trust for your brand, educate your potential customer and further extend your relationship with these customers.

Here are some simple ways to maximize and mine your FAQ page:

•    Solve the problem. Use your FAQs primarily to answer your visitors questions with authority. Answer with facts, not fluff or opinions!

•    Make FAQs page content an extension/engage; offer visitors resources to further their engagement. Include relevant likes to your products and/or services, useful links, educational links.

•    Use frequently asked questions on FAQ for future blog/eBook/white papers. Mining this information will give you valuable nuggets of insight into the help that your customers needs and what they want to know. Utilize this insight to create valuable, relevant content that will meet a need, solve a problem, or answer questions.

•    Don’t be afraid to answer the tough questions! Some company FAQs will go out of their way not to address certain questions for fear that they will open themselves up to criticism or negative feedback. But as in offline business best practices, it’s better to address these tough questions. Your customers will appreciate your response and if you are genuinely invested in your customer’s experience, you will not only solve the problem, but you will also have won over a customer for life.

•    Create “social” FAQs @JayBaer speaks about creating meaningful content that can live throughout the social web in addition to your website. He states “The ideal scenario is that the content performs well enough in search results that potential customers can answer their questions before they ever get to your site.”

I hope this list is small enough to be actionable for you today. If you are utilizing your FAQ page for engagement, what else are you doing? What strategies are working for your company website FAQs?

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